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Worried about dry socket

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Governoress86 Sun 15-Jan-17 17:39:23


I had my 2nd upper molar extracted 5 days ago and i am still worried about a dry socket. Am i out of the woods yet?

Also can i go about my normal activities yet and would having intercourse be ok.

I cant see the hole as it is too far back and got the teeth in front blocking the view of the hole. I am not in any pain and dont want to touch it with my tongue in case i do more damage.

I am doing salt rinses 4 times daily.

I am back for a check up on tuesday.

Thanks in advance for replies

Hecticlifeanddrowning8 Sun 15-Jan-17 18:53:52

in my experience a dry socket usually happened on day 3 or 4 and it is agony . Yes you can resume normal activitys from 24 hours afterwards 48 hrs if sedation was used.

Haggisfish Sun 15-Jan-17 18:55:20

When I had it the pain gradually got worse and it was fucking agony by five days. I think you're in the clear.

Governoress86 Sun 15-Jan-17 19:03:08

Thank you for your replies.

I was worried about dry socket as im not good with pain and have heard its agony.

gamerchick Sun 15-Jan-17 19:05:44

I think you would have known about it by now.

Intercourse? I don't really want to curious about which part of your body you use for that if you're worried after getting a tooth out. wink

Governoress86 Sun 15-Jan-17 19:23:13

Lol i meant by raising my blood presusre cause any harm to the clot as i dont want to dislodge it.

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