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kkgirl Fri 23-Feb-07 09:41:37


Can anyone offer me any advice on taking Diazepam.
I have had a trapped nerve in my neck which is causing severe shoulder and arm pain and pins and needles in my pain.
I have been taking co-codamol for 6 weeks now, and seeing an osteopath for 4. I went to the GP yesterday as I am unable to go to work and he has prescribed Ibruprofen Gel and Diazepam 2mg.
I am worried about taking this as the side effects look horrendous and I know it is Valium which my parents took years ago for depression.

skinnymouse Fri 23-Feb-07 09:42:43

he is obviously using it as a short term measure as a relaxant for your neck and shoulder muscles, at 2mg I wouldnt worry

kkgirl Fri 23-Feb-07 09:43:53

Thanks Skinnymouse

That worries me too, what happens in a couple of weeks if it still isn't better?

skinnymouse Fri 23-Feb-07 09:48:56

i would imagine they'll take you off them and try somthing else, you wont be left on them long term. I suffered with something similar and was tried on about 5 different medications until one worked, then weaned off that one.


blondehelen Fri 23-Feb-07 09:53:06

Personally I wouldn't take diazepam, very rarely give it now. Have you had gabapentin. Supposed to be very good for nerve pain

mosschops30 Fri 23-Feb-07 09:59:41

kkgirl I get diazepam for flying (hate it and need to be calmed down ).

Diazepam is still widely used but like a lot of 'old' medication it is used for different things, not depression anymore or as a long term medication. It is widely used as a relaxant for many different reasons (like nerve pain) and wont be used as a long term measure.

Pimmpom Fri 23-Feb-07 10:36:18

kkgirl - I was prescribed diazapam when my back went into spasm. I too was very wary of taking them. I did end up taking two (out of 20). I had one before going to bed, so my back muscles would relax.

It did help and I only needed it for 2 nights.

HTH xx

kkgirl Fri 23-Feb-07 10:58:58

Thanks Girls

I am still a bit nervous about taking it. Can I take it as and when for the pain, its 2mg three times a day or does it have to be regular, in which case I might take one a day to see how I get on

Pimmpom Fri 23-Feb-07 13:24:40

Yes, I was told one three times a day as well. The GP did say I could just try at night, so I could sleep.

What she did tell me to keep taking was the nurofen/iboprofen as these would get the inflammation down.

Of course, my problem was probably different from yours.

Wish you better.

kkgirl Sun 25-Feb-07 09:55:38

Well, I took one of the tablets last night, was woken by DS2 after 2 hours being sick.
After that, my mind was racing, not worries, but weird stuff and I feel a bit odd this morning, neck and shoulder still painful though.

Not sure if I want to continue with these tablets.

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