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Snuffly baby - any advice welcome!!

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theUrbanDryad Fri 23-Feb-07 08:06:55

ds is 7 weeks old, and always has a stuffy nose in the mornings. i think it's because of the central heating in our house drying out the air, so i've been ventilating the house more, but it's not really helping (and he gets cold in the night, bless him!). i've raised his mattress a bit so his head is raised, but that's not helping much either. it's starting to affect his feeding - he guzzles it down and it makes him sick. also, he sounds like a baby piglet!!

i'm thinking of using some olbas oil - not actually in his bed, but perhaps on his sleepsuit, or a muslin next to him? would that be ok? if not, would using it in the bath be safe? failing that, would rubbing vicks on his chest be ok? or is there a specialist nasal decongestant for small babies?


fryalot Fri 23-Feb-07 08:09:57

I used olbas oil on mine. Just a drop on their sleepsuit and it did help. There are also products that you can buy from the chemist - plug in thingies that clear the air.

fryalot Fri 23-Feb-07 08:10:22

hope your ds feels better soon

jstbcs Fri 23-Feb-07 08:23:21

A large bowl of water right beside the radiator should help keep the room humid during the night. ALso I find that if you bring baby into the bathroom adn run the shower adn hot water tap for abotu twenty mintues or so before bed really helps to get rid of snot and clear passages! (can bbe doen durign abthtime? or bring a book and sit on toilet seat!)

totaleclipse Fri 23-Feb-07 08:26:04

Was also going to suggest a bowl of water by the radiator.

LowFatMilkshake Fri 23-Feb-07 08:27:31

You sound like me a few weeks ago. I used olbas oil on a small bib attached to the moses basket. I also got saline drops from the chemist (about £1.75 for a small bottle or your GP can prescribe them) that you put up baby's nose to wash away the gunk (they really work well)!

Wet washing on an airer will help dampen the air - or just soak a teatowel and put it over the radiator.

There is also infant vapour rub available, but the recommendation is for 3 months - although I was advised by a medical proff I could use it sparingly on my DS. check with your GP or HV to be sure.

Hope he's better soon

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