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Is this what heartburn feels like?

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NaiceHamFruitShootGrapes Sat 14-Jan-17 15:26:25

I've never suffered with gastro illnesses - I don't get indigestion, and the last time I vomited was 20+ years ago.

Yesterday I was at work, about two hours after lunch, and felt two burning pains under my breasts, which travelled to the centre of my chest and met up. I went a bit light headed, and stood up, which helped. I found a mint, and after about ten minutes it had gone, just leaving me with a headache for about an hour.

Is this what heartburn feels like? I've never had it before. I'm just slightly concerned, as my paternal grandfather died at 42 from a heart attack, my paternal uncle has had several heart attacks since his forties, and my father died at 62 from a heart attack. I'm 46. My paternal grandmother lived to 100 though.

It's just heartburn isn't it......?

Badders123 Sun 15-Jan-17 22:30:33

ANY chest pain needs investigating
Particularly with your family history

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