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2 yr old still wobbly when walking - GP thinks pelvis is 'out'? Any experience?

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StarUtopia Fri 13-Jan-17 20:09:05

Toddler is still incredibly wobbly.

He has always had issues .Didn't sit up as a baby (always fell backwards) Never bounced in his jumperoo, just sat there. Didn't crawl.

All this led to seeing paed who just put him down as a late walker etc.

Didn't actually walk til 19months and has literally wobbled ever since.

He's actually 3 in a couple of months and still looks as though he's about to go flying any minute (quite often he does)

We have been fobbed off by various professionals but after HV commenting again, I have taken him to a new GP who has immediately said, 'Something wrong with his pelvis'

Anyone got any ideas if this could be serious or anyone else experienced this?

He is being referred for physic and X-rays.

StarUtopia Fri 13-Jan-17 22:01:57


mumsnit Sat 14-Jan-17 10:03:53

The main thing will be getting a referral for physio for him so glad that is going through. Hopefully the x rays will confirm any specific issues. Going forward and depending on how quickly this is resolved, it might also be worth asking about an occupational therapy referral too as they can help with any issues his balance may create at nursery/childcare.

My dd had physical delays with sitting and crawling and once she did start walking (20 months) was very wobbly on her feet for years. This was mostly due to low muscle tone in her core area and physio has really helped to strengthen her core and improve her balance.

StarUtopia Mon 16-Jan-17 22:17:29

Thanks Mumsnit for replying smile Really hoping that the X-rays don't show anything too serious (or anything at all!)

He's such an active little thing, it really holds him back.

zen1 Tue 17-Jan-17 20:47:36

My DS didn't sit until 12 months, bum-shuffled at 15 months and didn't walk till 2.5 and is still wobbly now (aged 8), but has improved. Like mumsnit's DD, he has low muscle tone and also hyper mobile joints. He was later diagnosed with severe dyspraxia. OT (which he still has) really helped. I would definitely ask for an OT referral. Hope whatever is causing his wobbliness is addressed soon.

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