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The dreaded UTI has struck again

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CondorFanatic Fri 13-Jan-17 13:47:13

Hi Ladies,

I was looking for some advice on UTI's. I tend to get them fairly regularly, I think sex and foreplay could be exarcerbating the issue. I understand emptying your bladder after sex can help which I try to do but sometimes I forget and snuggle into my partner and fall asleep. I'm thinking of taking some cranberry supplements (although I don't think there's very much medical evidence to support that this really helps) I also need to up my water intake and wondered if there's anything else I should be doing? Also, when I get these flare ups I'm often away from home and therefore unable to get to my doctor, can they prescribe you a repeat prescription for anti-biotics for this?


wishparry Fri 13-Jan-17 13:55:03

Sorry I can't help much.but I too get a fair few uti's,so would like to see if others have any good advice.
I don't think doctors would give antibiotics on repeat prescription doctor sent me away from the surgery telling me to just drink water,with no antibiotics one time.

PollyPerky Fri 13-Jan-17 15:43:04

The usual tips are:

-always wee before and after sex
-wash your bum area before sex because most bacteria come from your bum
-make sure your partner has had a shower before sex and is clean all over
-think about using moist loo paper to keep your bum clean during the day if you poo when away from home and really can't shower
-drink plenty during the day so you wee and pass bugs out that are trying to get up to your bladder
- don't wear thongs which 'massage' bacteria into the wrong places
-wear cotton knickers not polyester etc
-avoid supertight jeans for same reason as thongs
-try to get tights with cotton lined gussets

Cranberry has now been shown to be useless at treating and preventing.

If it only happens after sex, your dr might prescribe you an AB to take after sex.

If you are peri meno or older, it can be linked to low oestrogen and oestrogen creams will help (from GP.)

CondorFanatic Fri 13-Jan-17 16:41:07

Thanks Polly puts down cranberry tablets hastily.

My doctor advised I may have a short urethra which could be causing some problems but I'll definitely take your suggestions on board. I follow everything other than drinking plenty of water and using the bathroom after sex (it can be a bit of a mood killer during post coital glow ha).

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