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Constant Bladder pressure/frequent urination

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Ahousemadeofcheese Thu 12-Jan-17 12:03:37

Back before Christmas I had a UTI which was treated with 5 days of trimethroprim. At the end of the course I hadn't noticed much improvement, I was still getting this awful pressure in my bladder and some burning and frequency.

Went back to the doctors and they did a dip test of my sample and said there wasn't anything showing up but sent it off for a culture and put me on 3 days nitrofurantoin.

After 5 days the burning had gone but still frequency and pressure. In the meantime I called for my results of the culture and it said normal.

Went back to the doctors and took another sample with me - lots and lots of white floaty thingies in there and she said that's protein, she looked at the sample results and said its not completely normal there are some white blood cells and some blood in there so ill put you on a 7 day course of nitrofurantoin just incase.
Send that sample off for culture aswell.

I finished the course yesterday, rang for my results of my last culture which was normal again, and I still have this pressure in my bladder. I drank half a pink of water slowly throughout the morning and I've been going to the loo every 5 minutes. I have low abdominal pain which is going down to the tops of my thighs aswell.

I still have lots of white floaty things in my urine aswell.

I cant get back to the doctor til next week but they just keep insisting on sending off samples to be cultured which then come back "normal" and I don't seem to be getting anywhere..

anyone else had this problem before??

mumsnit Thu 12-Jan-17 14:08:42

Yes I have had similar problems although in my case definitely Mirena related!

Have you looked into interstitial cystitis?

Ahousemadeofcheese Thu 12-Jan-17 14:48:21

You'll have to excuse my ignorance I know nothing about the mirena but does it release a hormone? I'm wondering if mine could be hormone related that's all...

do you get the bladder pressure symptoms?

mumsnit Thu 12-Jan-17 15:39:39

Yes Mirena is low level hormone. I did have these symptoms a lot and tests never showed up a uti infection. As soon as I had it taken out it stopped!

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