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How to have dentistry when suffering from constant nausea

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CathodeRayTube Wed 11-Jan-17 20:54:40


I wondered if I could ask for people thoughts on a problem I'm facing?

I have a burnout-type illness left over from years of caring for my son through his sleep disorder. I'm getting gradually better, but I still have almost constant nausea and anxiety. I am only able to eat about 8 things, and all drugs seem to disagree with me, even in tiny amounts.

Anyway, all this I could cope with, but now I have gone and lost a filling from my tooth. This means I'm going to have to manage a bit of dentistry and I'm honestly not sure how to manage that when suffering from constant nausea.

I suppose this is something that dentists must have to cope with, what with pregnant women and people with other medical conditions. I just wondered if any one might know how they manage it? Am I meant to get a drug from the GP or something, and how do I manage that when do many drugs seem to disagree with me?

I have just moved to a new GP and I have made an appointment to ask him.


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