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Quick question please - How long between pre-op and operation?

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Fauxgina Wed 11-Jan-17 20:42:38

Hi, wondered if anyone can help - I was told they would book me an operation in around April/May time and I've just received a pre-op appointment for Thurs 2nd Feb. My Dad said that they would be unlikely to leave 2 months + in between a pre-op and the operation itself and I
wondered if anyone knew what the guidelines were? I have 2 young children who aren't at Primary school yet so I need to plan properly to allow childcare during my recovery.

I did phone and ask today but they just said I'm still on the waiting list with no operation date in which I understand I just want to know if there were general guidelines on how long you can leave between pre-op and op so that I can have some idea. Thanks for any help.

Fauxgina Thu 12-Jan-17 09:28:49

Bump flowers

autumnlove Thu 12-Jan-17 18:58:10

I had my pre op tests in February and my surgery was scheduled mid April.

Nearlyhadenough Thu 12-Jan-17 19:33:45

I am having an operation in mid Feb - pre op was mid December.

Apparently a pre op lasts for 6 months - I did query this!

Fauxgina Thu 12-Jan-17 19:40:38

Great thanks both. Nice to know a pre-op lasts for 6 months! I did write another post in chat as I was getting a bit stressed trying to figure out planning and had a few answers there too so I am not so worked up now and will assume it's not going to be a mad rush!

Thanks brew

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