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Some help as to where I should go when I am unwell ................

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RTKangaMummy Wed 11-Jan-17 00:47:02

Here are some ideas where you could go for help

Ok I know some people don't have walk in clinics etc but it might help those people who are not sure where to go to ask for help

RTKangaMummy Wed 11-Jan-17 00:49:51

I think a good idea is to find out which your local pharmacy is and get to know them

Also find out how to find out which ones have late night opening or how to find the rota in your area before you need it and stick info on your fridge or in your phone

Manumission Wed 11-Jan-17 00:50:56

Is this a problem for you? In your area?

RTKangaMummy Wed 11-Jan-17 00:53:30

Sorry bad title blushblushblushblush

I mean it was on my FB feed and so thought I would share the picture on here

But was watching TV at same time so not typing very well to make sense

Manumission Wed 11-Jan-17 00:54:35

GPs are okay here. (In old area they were a nightmare appointment wise.) We don't have walk in centres nearby. If MN threads are anything to go by, NHS Direct only ever direct to A&E or an ambulance anyway.

So if you're unlucky with your local services, your choices narrow considerably, I suppose.

Manumission Wed 11-Jan-17 00:56:06

I don't believe that people don't know.

Maybe a handful of recent arrivals don't know.

The rest are terrified or exploding with frustration.

RTKangaMummy Wed 11-Jan-17 01:01:39

IMHO pharmacists have trained for a long time (maybe 6 or 7 years) and so are brill at helping

Our local one even has consulting cubicle thingy in back of shop smilesmilesmile

Manumission Wed 11-Jan-17 01:08:21

Yes. Pharmacists are probably the part of the system that are least widely understood TBH.

RTKangaMummy Wed 11-Jan-17 01:18:34

Yes and they open long hours and weekends

I didn't realise years ago that they were an option to ask them for help but now we do and even though we have moved all our drugs (on prescription) come from our old pharmacy as they "know" us there so also are aware of health issues etc


Badders123 Wed 11-Jan-17 11:30:31

Well my pharmacy is shit
Last week I had to fill in another major incident form over yet another mistake prescribing meds angry
It would be the last place I would go for advice
Ditto 111 - some years ago was given advice that could have killed my ds2
(Complaint made, upheld and more training given)
As with everything - it's a postcode lottery I'm afraid
If you live rurally there probably isn't a pharmacy anyway

Gingernaut Wed 11-Jan-17 11:41:28

For A&E I would also put misshapen limbs, sudden sight loss and puncture wounds.

Manumission Wed 11-Jan-17 11:42:01

If you live rurally the GP surgery dispenses. I miss that.

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Wed 11-Jan-17 11:49:28

Our local pharmacy is in the GP surgery and is only open surgery hours, the next nearest pharmacy is a good 20 minute drive away which is fine if you have access to a car but pretty shit if you don't.

BishopBrennansArse Wed 11-Jan-17 12:10:15

NHS Direct doesn't exist any more does it?

Badders123 Wed 11-Jan-17 16:33:32

Hell - yep. Ours too.
Nearest one 20 mins away which is fine if you can drive, or if you are well enough to drive
If another pharmacy opened in this village the current one would lose all its custom overnight - its dire

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