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Can you buy Baby Orajel in the UK, if so where?

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Pavlovthecat Thu 22-Feb-07 13:50:15

In particular the night time one. Or else do you know if Walgreens etc would dispatch to UK from USA?

Pavlovthecat Thu 22-Feb-07 15:40:12


Sugarmagnolia Thu 22-Feb-07 16:56:35

I don't think you can get the US stuff in the UK - it's not licensed here. It is sooooo much better though, isn't it!!! The best I can suggest is finding someone in the US who will send you some.

southeastastra Thu 22-Feb-07 17:00:36

you can get normal orajel so maybe ask at a chemist and they can order some?

Sugarmagnolia Thu 22-Feb-07 17:08:25

No, I'm pretty sure not. DH is a pharmacist and we always had to get it sent over from the states.

USAUKMum Thu 22-Feb-07 17:19:46

you can't get it here -- I get my mother to bring it when she comes over. They are due a visit at Easter, I could get some smuggled in for you if you like

Pavlovthecat Thu 22-Feb-07 19:11:27

thanks for all of this! I guessed not but worth a go...I do have family in USA but its a hassle as they are forgetful and I am almost out! I found a website that will send it to me, 4 tubes for $30.00 inc shipping! Its a lot but its worth it for a nights sleep.

You are right, it is fantastic stuff Sugarmagnolia! Thanks USAUKmum, see when delivery is, maybe I will take you up on that offer!

KathG Thu 22-Feb-07 19:32:13

yep - it was a revelation when we found it a few years ago, and I bought some for my friends' little ones as their present , the parents appreciated it!

USAUKMum Fri 23-Feb-07 12:14:05

Pavlovthecat -- it is your lucky day. I've one tube of nighttime formula of baby Orajel. And DS has just finished getting his last molar. DD hasn't got her 6yr molars yet, but I've been told you keep them clean and it is okay.

So it is yours if you want it.

USAUKMum Fri 23-Feb-07 12:14:31

need I add unopened

Sugarmagnolia Fri 23-Feb-07 12:36:27

Hi USAUKMum - I'm from NY and Boston too.

I didn't know they get more molars at 6. Does this usually happen before or after they start to lose their baby teeth because DD will be 6 soon and has lost 2 already but i've not noticed any molars!

USAUKMum Fri 23-Feb-07 13:33:02

Hey sugar -- they get them between 6 & 7. DD BF has got hers already -- though hasn't lost any teeth yet. DD is still devestated that she has no wobbly ones (she's 6 on 19 March). So the molars can come any time !

BTW my brother is now contemplating leaving Boston for MN!

USAUKMum Fri 23-Feb-07 13:34:57

My friend (ex-dental hygenist) says that you should keep the new teeth really clean as they come in and you shouldn't have any problem with pain. But if you don't they can get all red & swollen and really hurt. Something about the gum flapping about and get back there and scrub!

USAUKMum Fri 23-Feb-07 13:36:10

in new teeth I mean the molars (DS has just spent the month cutting 4 molars and hasn't slept through since 15 Jan -- not that I'm keeping track.....) so brain not working

Sugarmagnolia Fri 23-Feb-07 14:30:35

My DD will be 6 on March 25th but I think my DS must be older than yours though - he's 3 1/2. My brother also lives in Boston though - small world! Your brother is leaving Boston to live on Mumsnet? Or do you mean Minnesotta?

Will keep an eye out for those molars.

(Pavlov - sorry for the hijack)

USAUKMum Fri 23-Feb-07 14:48:31

my brother in Mumsnet now that is a thought. No, Minnesotta. SIL says he is not allowed to fish all the time. My DS is 2.5.

(well it may be a hijack but Pavlov still has the offer of the gel on the table )

Pavlovthecat Fri 23-Feb-07 21:50:00

USA - OMG fanastic - sorry I have not been on, had a hectic day...I would love the Orajel! How much/how/when/etc!

Sugar - dont worry about the hijack, its a relatively uninspiring thread so feel free to discuss how small the world is, keeps the thread alive!!!

Pavlovthecat Fri 23-Feb-07 21:54:40

BTW, my family live all over USA - BIL1 plus family live in NY, BIL2 plus family live near San Fran, Californ I A, MIL lives in Albuquerque (scuse sp, I never get it right). Spent week just before xmas in Alb with DP and stuck in San Fran overnight due to 'weather' Considering a move to San Fran (not because of the stopover, although stayed in loverly hotel!)...

If we decide to move, I can get baby orajel toothpaste and everything!!!

Sugarmagnolia Sat 24-Feb-07 07:25:40

My parents are in NY & my best friend is in San Fran. I keep promising to go out and visit her. I don't know about SF but there are some great places for kids in NY if you're there on a holiday.

Pavlovthecat Sat 24-Feb-07 10:02:36

we will be going there this year hopefully, for honeymoon/visit family/family hol...any good places to stay as BIL has no space at his...?

BIL2 lives in Modesto just outside San Fran...

Sugarmagnolia Sat 24-Feb-07 10:40:45

Sorry, not that familiar with San Fran - I have been there but it was a long time ago and pre-children!

USAUKMum Sat 24-Feb-07 13:20:06

I won't be able to get to the post office until Tues. But my mother gave me the gel, so I will give it to you . I don't think postage will be that much as it is so light, but it is thick, so don't know with new posting rules. If you send me your address, I pop it in the post Tues.

I can recommend the Inn at Occidental -- it is a bit away from SanFran, so would be a sidetrip but fab!

Pavlovthecat Sat 24-Feb-07 13:24:21

thanks USA - can you send me your email so I dont give my addy out over MN? thanks

Suger - sorry not clear there. BIL1 lives in NY, BIL2 lives in san fran, going to NY, not San Fran, although prob going to San Fran too USA so thanks for that tip! We stayed in Merriot San Fran Airport, very nice indeed (courtesy of BIL due to horrendous flight)

Scootergirl Sat 24-Feb-07 13:35:55

We've an American PX on the army base where we live and they have both kinds of baby Oragel so if you want a bulk consignment sending over, you can CAT me your details and I'll get you some.
I once licked my finger after giving DS some and my tongue was numb for about two hours!!

Pavlovthecat Sat 24-Feb-07 13:46:28

scootergirl, sounds great. How do I CAT? And yes it is wow isnt it?!!

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