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Anxiety over gynae issues

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BumDNC Mon 09-Jan-17 19:38:32

I can feel my adrenaline is all cocked up and my anxiety is sky high because I am worrying about some serious gynae issues. 8 weeks ago I suddenly had a very odd period with flooding etc, it lasted 2 weeks. I also had bleeding after sex. I got a smear (fine) an exam (fine) and general check up. I'm waiting for a scan.

Then this month it was even worse. Today I had severe bleeding and this brought on a panic attack which probably made things worse (high blood pressure and pulse not helping bleeding)

I've been given medication and things have settled for now, but the anxiety is still extreme. I had a pattern of flood and stop so in my mind that it has slowed down is temporary. I can't sleep or focus. I thought I was going to die, cannot cannot stop checking the bleeding and just feel all disconnected and strange. I did tell the doctor that I was having this reaction but there wasn't much given in response given the circumstances.

I have to go to a&e if I begin to bleed again and I am just a wreck. I want to get a grip but I can't seem to. I've convinced myself I have some terrible cancer or I will bleed to death. I have always had anxiety but I usually manage it day to day. I can't seem to find my rational mind about this. I actually feel quite traumatised by it all but feel this is also an extreme feeling.

Friends and family are all being reassuring but it's not really helping.

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