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Throat infection and nosebleed down back of throat??

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Fagin99 Mon 09-Jan-17 17:00:16

Hi everyone,

I'd interested to know if anyone has had anything similar!

So, like the rest of the country it seems, I'm slowly recovering from this horrible cold/flu (aching limbs, v.sore throat, cough etc!). Anyway, I went to my GP today as on Friday and this morning I had a 5-10 min episode of blood coming (probably) from the back of my nose into my throat/mouth!! It wasn't loads (maybe a teaspoon full) but it was very alarming; bright red and quite thick. It sort of trickled down my throat.

My GP merely said that I wasn't in the category for anything serious (still "young" at 32, non smoker, no history of nosebleeds or anything). I get that, but what on earth could be causing it? There was a bit of blood in my left nostril but not like a normal 'front' nosebleed. I've barely even have any nasal congestion. The GP just said the nostrils were inflamed but only an ENT specialist could look deep enough inside to see (thanks - if only I could just pop along and see one...!)

I'm hoping it just goes when this blasted infected goes (still have half a voice and sore throat) I just wondered if anyone else had this weird blood from the nose throat bleeding ever???

Thanks in advance!

NormaSmuff Mon 09-Jan-17 17:02:17

but the GP reassured you?

i spose if you sniff, it comes out in your mouth, so you might have burst a blood vessel blowing your nose?

Fagin99 Mon 09-Jan-17 17:29:07

She kind of did. She was quite vague and just said it was mainly older people who have problems with throat/nose bleeding (so that counted me out?). She checked my temperature and looked at my throat, listened to my chest and all seemed normal. In a desperate attempt to get something out of her I just asked if it was likely to be linked to the infection and she said "probably yes". Out of protocol she had to give me a chest x-Ray form (as they do for anyone who mentions blood) but she agreed it was unlikely to be from my chest as it was clear and I saw it coming down my throat! I understand why they have to in order to protect themselves, but I won't go (she even said it wasn't compulsory...!).

It's weird because I've never had this before and it's not like a normal front nose bleed. :-(

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