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Ongoing arm/chest pain

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VLCos Mon 09-Jan-17 14:54:36

Help needed if anyone can advise anything.

Mid November I started with a burning feeling under my right armpit . A week later I went to see the nurse , she didn't examine me just said get a better bra .

Week after went to see a walk in nurse she said my right armpit seemed swollen and to go to GP . She gave me antibiotics to try but these did nothing .

Few days later went to GP he examined me and said it's a strain and gave me naproxen . Made no difference.

By this time pain was worse and right breast ached. I found a lump near the ribs which ached when pressed.

Went back to doctors and referred to breast clinic . Mammogram clear , ultrasound of lump showed it was fat.

Relived and thought pain would go.

By now still have armpit pain and moves round to shoulder blades which feel tender when pressed on. Breast sometimes tender, ribs sometimes sore , chest near sternum aches and a pins and needles feelings down arm to wrist.

Went back to GP chest x-ray clear and bloods only showed CRP at 12.

GP said it's a strain anything else would have showed .

Sometimes when I hold my arms straight the sore side feels swollen but doesn't look it.

Ribs feel tight when breathing in.

I've been measuring it and no change.

All the pain is still there . No worse no better

Could this seriously be. A strain ?

So worried they have missed something .

Thank you

PollyPerky Mon 09-Jan-17 16:47:40

Not being flippant here but it could well be an ill-fitting bra that's doing it. Is it too tight, wires digging in?

Bit silly of nurse to give you ABs when there is a HUGE campaign NOT to give them unless bacterial infections are diagnosed.

It could be RS- do you do anything physical that means you might be suffering RSI?

If you are worried about cancer, there is usually no pain from lumps.

If you keep prodding you are making everything sore anyway.

Your best bet now would be a private physio appt so they can check your muscles, posture, etc.

VLCos Mon 09-Jan-17 17:00:17

Thank you for the reply .
I was wearing underwire bras but for last 7 weeks can't wear anything because it uncomfortable. I have been measured.
The nurse just said why not try the ABS just to see. I didn't have any sign of infection.
Doctor convinced it's a strain as previous tests show nothing but it isn't getting any better in fact it's slowly moving over to the left.
The physio is a good idea I will definitely do this !

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