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Meniscus tear? Sprain?

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Purplebluebird Sun 08-Jan-17 18:58:09

This is a question I've had for ages, but nobody seems to be able to tell me what's wrong, and waiting list for checks at the hospital are very long.

A while ago, I had a problem with my right knee. I have very hypermobile joints, and am not very fit! I was a normal weight at the time though, so wasn't from being too heavy for example.

I was going to lie down on the sofa, and did so perhaps a bit "excitedly" for lack of better word. My knee twisted inwards, and it got stuck like that. I could not move it whatsoever, and it became more and more painful (7-8 on pain scale). I didn't know what else to do, so got my other half to phone an ambulance because I couldn't move and the pain was horrible. It was 23.00 or so, and we live in a small town with no other real option. I really could not move at all, my entire leg and knee was twisted and there was no way I could've got in the car or anything!

Fast forward a good hour, ambulance came and they said it was a sprain rather than a dislocation (I wasn't sure what was wrong). They gave me 4 lots of morphine and gas and air to try to allow me to move the knee, but it was still stuck.

Somehow managed to get me to the ambulance and took me to hospital, where I was lying on a bed for 5-6 hours waiting for an X-ray, before I needed the toilet. I tried to get hold of a nurse for help, but couldn't find anyone, so I just had to go myself(really couldn't wait any longer). Hopped down on the floor on one leg, managed to get to the loo and stuff, and then when I was hopping back to the bed (in massive pain) it felt like it "popped" back in place, and suddenly I could gently move it. There was no swelling or anything, it basically just got stuck.

Was very sore for a while, and it's taken me over 1,5 year to be almost able to sit with my legs crossed again without great discomfort. I can't sit on my knees when playing with my son, or have any weight on my knee when it's bent, which is frustrating in many ways (sitting on the floor, sex life, curling up on the sofa, skiing etc).

I have been to the doctor, that said they could feel it snagging or like... it is not smooth when you feel my knee and it's bending. I don't know how to explain it, but something is definitely not right. They sent me off a referral to physio, so I got some exercises, but it didn't help. I also have patellofemolar pain syndrome in my knees.

Is here anyone who would have a clue what was actually wrong with my knee? What can I do now? Do I need to ask the doctor for an MRI scan or something, I'd like to have it back to normal so I can do things again!

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