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Post partum periods - spotting before period every month

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Elephanty21 Sun 08-Jan-17 10:09:06

Hi ladies,

Hoping someone might have some insight on this highly irritating problem. My periods returned 9 months post partum and I am now 18 months post partum.

So each month, on around day 24 of my cycle, I get what looks like the beginning of my period i.e. proper red blood when I wipe. And then it disappears - for the next 4 days I have either nothing at all, or very very light spotting. Then on day 28 on the dot, the full flow starts, and it is very very heavy and painful (which was not the case before pregnancy).

The heavy painful period I can cope with - the 4 days of spotting/nothingness is really driving me mad, it feels like a 9-10 day period every month and during those days I am constantly waiting for it to just start.

Has anyone else had this? It's so bizarre and has happened every month without fail since my period returned.

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