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Weird recurring aches & flu like symptoms

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Sleepybeanbump Sun 08-Jan-17 08:52:04

I've been run down since late October. Me and DH keep getting recurring and lingering colds, except I now think mine is something else.

Each bout only lasts acutely for 24-48 hours. Fifth one now. In different combinations and varying severity I get a swollen very sore throat, flu like aches and pains (I've had full on want-to-die flu a few years ago and the aches are as bad if not worse this time), feeling mildly nauseous and not wanting food, low grade fever. In between these acute bouts I feel a bit run down, very snotty, headaches that I thought were sinus pressure, and have also in the same time frame started getting a weird recurrence of allergic rhinitis that I had as a teenager (dr won't allergy test me, and I've never worked out what the trigger is although I suspect some perfumed products). It's all a really weird combination.

Yesterday the aches were so bad I just lay down all day, couldn't function even with constant painkillers and by afternoon was sitting up rocking back and forward as it was the only way the aches were bearable. I also felt freezing and started shivering and teeth chattering. We called an out of hours gp who came and gave me a look over. He's recommended I get a lot of bloody tests for things including thyroid function, vitamin d and iron levels and glandular fever. He poked and prodded and noticed I have pain at nearly all the trigger points for fibromyalgia (have done for several years interestingly and attributed it to pain from desk job and had regular physio for it before I went on mat leave). Some of the symptoms do match and I have a family history that makes it likely (mother has CFS). Equally DH has had persistent colds in same time frame. He suspects some form of post-viral issue.
I obviously need to wait for the tests but would be interested to hear if anyone else has experienced anything similar?

Sleepybeanbump Sun 08-Jan-17 08:53:06

Blood tests not bloody tests! Stupid phone.

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