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Enlarged lymph node - need a hand to hold

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Tallblue Sun 08-Jan-17 07:38:31

Freaking out following a breast ultrasound. I was referred on the basis of my concern about unusual lumpiness in my left breast. Ultrasound rather than mammogram as I am breastfeeding and also due to my age (under 40).
The good news was the ultrasound showed no worrying breast lumps. But the Radiologist (I'm not in UK- where I live these scans are done by doctors) said she found a lymph node in my right armpit to be enlarged/thickened. She said she would recommend an MRI scan to see what's going on.
Made the classic mistake of googling and now I'm so worried.
I'm generally well, no cold or other infections I'm aware of that would cause swollen nodes. The info I've read online is talking of lymphoma and all sorts of scary things.
I'm seeing my doctor in 2 days time for follow up, at which point I guess I'll be referred for the MRI scan. Not sure how long i will need to wait for that.
Has anyone experienced this?
Please calm me down. I have a 2.4 year old and 12 week old and I'm so scared.

Tallblue Sun 08-Jan-17 09:16:21

Just bumping in the hope of some wise words

DoItTooJulia Sun 08-Jan-17 09:21:10

Having been through lots of stuff to do with cancer I've learned the phrase: let's not worry until there's something to worry about.

At this stage you're having investigations. It's frightening but could turn out to be nothing. Or it could be something. What IRL support do you have? you need to step away from Google and trust the process and doctors.

I hope it's nothing. And I hope you find effective ways to deal with the stress and worry, because it can eat you up and you have a young family to enjoy. flowers and hugs and hoping for good news for you.

olympicsrock Sun 08-Jan-17 09:32:43

Hello I am a doctor. I am wondering if you have a benign condition called duct ecstasia. More common in Breast feeding women. It is where milk ducts get blocked and thickened with an inflammatory reaction. You would notice lumpiness or a lump if just in one place. It is common to have enlarged or thickened armpit lymph nodes with this too. No reason for this to be anything nasty. Please don't worry.

Tallblue Sun 08-Jan-17 14:22:41

Thanks so much for your responses. I've been trying to distract myself all day which is fairly easy to do with my two little ones! I have RL support from DH but to be honest I find it hard to discuss as somehow verbalising it makes it more real.

I have had really bad health anxiety in the past and feel like the boy who cried wolf. DH is quite used to me having things checked out. I had it fairly well under control in recent years, until now when it seems there could be something to worry about.

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