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Manky foot

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Luuby86 Sun 08-Jan-17 03:00:25

Hey guys. Can't sleep so thought I'd get some opinions on my horrid foot. Back in October I did a 45km endurance event which left my toenails rather bruised. Not surprisingly my big toe nail has decided to part company with my toe, which in itself is not a problem. However underneath the nail is looking rather yellow and my God does it smell!! Should I be getting it looked at or just man up?

MollyHuaCha Sun 08-Jan-17 06:27:52

Looks worthy of a trip to Dr to me. Hope you feel more comfortable soon.

xingbake Sun 08-Jan-17 06:32:00

Smelly yellow pus = infection. It doesn't look red or swollen though.

Def worth getting looked at.

phoebe2016 Sun 08-Jan-17 07:04:41

Yep, agree with the others....straight to the Doc with that one!! Hope you are fixed up

Paddington68 Sun 08-Jan-17 07:08:58

bathe your feet in salt water, and go see a doctor

Luuby86 Sun 08-Jan-17 12:54:17

Update. So half of the nail came off. I bathed it in salt water and gave it a good clean and dry. Also found some Fucidin cream in the medicine cupboard, so have it a good covering. It's looking a lot cleaner now. I'm guessing the little wierd bit at the bottom is a new nail growing in? That's a good sign right?

Munchkin1412 Sun 08-Jan-17 12:58:41

I did a 100k walk and half my nails came off and regrew - looks ok 👌 they sort themselves out!

Probably shouldn't have opened your thread while eating my lunch though 😀

BoreOfWhabylon Sun 08-Jan-17 13:05:31

Looks fine now you've cleaned it up - you might want to trim/file down the pointy bit of nail at the top to save it catching on anything.

And yes, the bit at the bottom is the new nail that will g r a d u a l l y grow back (might not ever be 'perfect' again though)

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