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Blow to my stomach while pregnant - can any one advise me?

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mrsworried Wed 21-Feb-07 21:42:30

My toddler aged son accidently hit me in the stomach quite hard with his knee. He was climbig on me and put all his body weight on his knee to get himself up. Unfortunatily, his knee was right on top of my lower tummy and I'm 10 weeks pregnant.

It didn't hurt after much, but I felt it push really deep into my stomach and there was quite allot of force as it happened quickly.

Really worried. Has this happened to anyone else before?

hertsnessex Wed 21-Feb-07 21:44:08

my ds1 regular tried to clumb on me, and did, also kicked, i was fine, as was ds2! gets his own back.

unless you have any cramps and bleeding forget about it.


soph28 Wed 21-Feb-07 21:46:20

don't worry am sure it'll be fine. This has happened to many mums who have toddlers and it is worrying but that baby is very well protected. I presume you will have a scan booked soon but if you need more reassurance maybe the MW will listen for a heartbeat or something for you BUT i really think it will be ok- my ds jumped and climbed all over me when i was pregnant and I now have a perfectly healthy 7mth old dd!

Beauregard Wed 21-Feb-07 21:46:33

I remember when i was pregnant with dd2 i used to misjudge quite often the size of my bump resulting in me walking into the doorhandle (ouch)and very nearly burning the bump with whilst ironing.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 21-Feb-07 21:47:24

At 10 weeks, I think your uterus is still quite low down, still in your pelvis, isn't it? And as others have said, the baby is well protected, don't worry.

mrsworried Wed 21-Feb-07 21:53:20

That's good to hear. Feel no pain at the moment. Maybe it would just be best to forget about it and wait for the scan. There's nothing they could do anyway I suppose. He's got such sharp little knee's!

Walking into a door handle - ouch! I had it the other way around when pregnant with my DS. I used to forget how big my bum had become and used to bang into people/furniture etc with it all the time. Less painful but more emarassing.

mrsworried Wed 21-Feb-07 21:58:30

Going to paranoid about aches and crampsfor the next few days at least though

soph28 Wed 21-Feb-07 21:59:09

i remember when pregnant with dd i kneeled on the drivers seat to give something to ds who was in his car seat in the back and beeped the horn with my bum- oh how embarrassing

BandofMothers Wed 21-Feb-07 21:59:34

My dd1 always used to lean on my bump to get up. I also used to misjudge and walk into door frames/handles etc. Got a huge scratch once from the door bit that clicks into the frame.
I think at 10 weeks your baby is tiny, (egg sized??)and totally protected by fluid and plenty of muscle etc.
As herts said, if no pain/bleeding should be fine. My dd2 came out just fine!!!

berolina Wed 21-Feb-07 22:01:28

I managed to ram my own, phone-book-sized doctoral thesis into my stomach at about 17 weeks (was carrying it flat in front of me and got caught in a door). 'Twas painful but all was fine.

TrinityRhino Wed 21-Feb-07 22:04:33

I managed to slam the car door and catch my bump painfully, left a big scratch aswell but was fine

also dd2 fell on my bump elbow first when I was about 12 weeks

I think you'll be fine, try not to worry

both those things happened to the same bump and that bump is now sleeping peacefully next to me in her pram

Twinklemegan Wed 21-Feb-07 22:10:48

You're not rhesus negative are you? If so get yourself checked out ASAP as you may need an injection, though I'm not sure if this would be too early in pregnancy for it to be needed. Anyway, if in doubt get checked out!

mrsworried Wed 21-Feb-07 22:15:35

It's so reassuring to hear about other bash's to bumps that didn't do any damage. Also, goodled funal height NotQuiteCockney and my uterus should indeed still be inside my pelvis which should have given some extra protection.

handlemecarefully Wed 21-Feb-07 22:17:01

Yep - supermarket trolley collided with my bump really quite heavily (enough to make me wince). No ill effects

brightwell Thu 22-Feb-07 06:31:49

When I was 24wks with dd I was assaulted (by a male patient who was tall & big.) I was punched with an up & under type blow to my stomach. And when heavily pregnant with ds I fell over onto my stomach, tripped over things on the floor I couldn't see because of the bump.

eidsvold Thu 22-Feb-07 06:50:16

with dd2 - I fell down the stairs on my way to the gps for antenatal appt quite late in the pregnancy - carrying dd1!!

Second thing - stood on rickety old chair which was a stupid thing to do but did not think - just wanted something out of cupboard and chair gave way under me at about 25 weeks - again everything was okay with dd2.

As someone else said at 10 weeks - still tucked down in your pelvis.

My dd2 now clambers all over me and I am heavily pregnant with no3 - just par for the course I think.

mrsworried Thu 22-Feb-07 17:12:57

Ho awful brightwell thank goodness you were both OK after that. It must have been terrifying.

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