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Don't know what's wrong with me

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Littlemissindependent Sat 07-Jan-17 21:15:58

I really don't want to waste a Drs appointment if it's not necessary, but I really don't feel right, haven't done for a week or so. I don't feel unwell as such, just not right. Lack of appetite, multiple wakings every night, random spells of feeling like something is crushing my chest, or, if you know the sensation of trying to breathe while in a sauna/steam room then that describes it exactly. And just a general feeling of lethargy and irritability, totally unable to relax and agitated.
A couple of people have suggested anxiety but I genuinely don't feel anxious at the moment. Any advice?

nurseinwonderland Sat 07-Jan-17 21:19:46

I'd go to the Doctors. It's lasted a week or so and you've had chest pain and shortness of breath. Could be nothing, but I'd get it checked out.
I had a pain in my chest last year which felt like a pulled muscle. I knew it wasn't cardiac, but went to the Doctors who sent me for an ECG. I was right, but it set my mind at rest.

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