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Four year old still has yellow runny poos....

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MumEve Wed 21-Feb-07 18:58:24

My four year old son has had so called toddler diarreah since he was a baby - in other words his stools have always been pale or bright yellow and very runny - they have not yet formed into firmish brown coloured stools. I spoke to a health visitor a year ago who explained about toddler diarreah to me and that this is relatively common and that it was nothing to worry about since he he is in all other respects healthy and well. Well, he's now reached the age of 4 and there's no improvement in his stools at all - and I wondered if any other mumsnetters had experienced anything similar or if I should now insist that the doctors run some tests to rule out any other digestive disorders? It's one of those situations in which the child isn't ill but you wonder to yourself if there is an underlying health problem looming that you aren't addressing which might have future repercussions? Any advice would be really welcome.

ivelostmyboobsboohoo Wed 21-Feb-07 19:09:03

i wonder if he may be dairy and/or wheat intolerant? my 4 yr old was tested recently as he ha always had vile smelling sloppy poo (TMI sorry!). its just come back neg for wheat and am awaiting dairy results (i think its prob that tho as he gets through about 4 pints a day!)
worth talking to your gp about getting him tested. he should have grown out of 'toddler diorreah' by now i would have thought , i'm no expert but do have 3 kids and by now seem to be well versed in the world of poo

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