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Emergency credit card sized grab card.

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chefslot Fri 06-Jan-17 14:52:10

So a few months back I had to take the little one to A&E, the Ex had just moved the day before, so I was being a little vague in the fact that I knew the medical records were possible not up to date. I got that quick look from the receptionist, you know the quick assessment to see if the picture looks right kind of one. I know that they should do this, but as I picked up on it my mind went partially blank on a few of the following questions.

As a support worker when ever we go and take a person we support to any appointments we have their medical folders etc on hand, which made me think I should have something for my baby girl in event this ever happens again (touch wood it doesn't).

So I've made a quick handy credit card sized info card, then I thought it is possible that others in my situation, grandparents baby sitting etc, would benefit from this. I've even put one in my car attached to a piece of string tied to the back of the car seat so it's out of reach, but in the event of an accident (touching more wood) and if I am unable to give any details, the emergency services will be able to find it. Granted this is a catch-22 situation in regards to security, if my car was to be broken into, but it's one of them, do I lock the windows to stop a burglar or leave them unlocked in the event of a fire. I hoped we all lean towards the latter as items can be replaced.

There are questions that was asked in regards to immunisations and vaccinations, but with all the other medical information, more so the life saving details that are provided this is often found on the medical systems and is not life threatening as far as I am aware. Also given the space to work in whilst making it still making it readable I have limited the details. I was thinking about making a concertina type but felt this would be a little more difficult.
I have left 4 versions depending on what software you use, and I’m not to sure if the .doc is working. I currently use LibreOffice but also have had luck opening in google docs.

To all the single dads out there I would ask for the information with an explanation, but as I found out even with this it was challenging for the ex to give over the details. Also if you see anything that could be amended/added feel free to comment.



EstellaHavisham Tue 10-Jan-17 19:00:06

This is a really good idea! Thank you for this. Going to print a few and fill them in.

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