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Green tea giving me the shits

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ghostwatch Fri 06-Jan-17 09:44:02

So as part of a New Year resolution to be healthy I've swapped regular tea for green tea in all different flavours with all different vitamins there are some great products out there. Thing is I've been getting horrendous episodes of diarrhoea has anyone else had this problem with green tea?

MollyHuaCha Fri 06-Jan-17 10:03:40

Could be a coincidence? Or a dodgy packet of tea? Hope you feel better soon smile

MichaelSheensNextDW Fri 06-Jan-17 11:28:51

Are you sure it's just tea and not one of those 'cleanses' containing senna - I think Bootea is one?

ghostwatch Sat 07-Jan-17 00:41:07

I'm using Tetlys supergreen tea at the moment and I've been eating clean as much as possible. I like the thought I'm cleansing at least ? I already prefer the green tea and it's good to know I don't have to always have milk and sugar in or no hit drink in the morning ! I feel healthy over all just wonder if anyone else had this side effect ?

JustKeepSwimming24 Sat 07-Jan-17 16:28:53

I used to drink green tea a lot, it boosted my metabolism and I lost 2 stone but then it suddenly started making me vomit! Can't drink it now I'm sick as soon as I do confused

HowardMoonsJazzTrumpet Sat 07-Jan-17 16:32:41

No but it triggers my migraines something chronic, so I avoid it like the plague.

EssentialHummus Sat 07-Jan-17 16:42:45

I've never had this and I drink a lot of green tea. Try Rooibos instead?

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