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Can I just stop taking the pill mid packet?

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handsfree Fri 06-Jan-17 08:40:04

I started on feanolla at Beginning of November. Started a period on 23rd November and basically haven't stopped bleeding or spotting since then, with the exception of 3 days ago.... only to start again today. I am so fed up with it. (Although it's proving a very effective contraceptive) Can I just stop taking it? No doubt I won't be able to get a Drs appointment for a while and I've just had enough.

FrutiFlutey Fri 06-Jan-17 09:19:36

If it was me I would stop, but phone your doctors to check

handsfree Fri 06-Jan-17 09:24:48

I just found the instructions online and it says you can stop anytime - phew.

Losgunna Fri 06-Jan-17 09:30:23

You can stop whenever you like but I would give it till the end of next month.
The pill can take about three months to'settle down' properly.

Is it a mini pill (progesterone only?) I was on one of these for a few years and while it took ten weeks to stop bleeding (light spotting some days proper flow others, tailed off to the odd day) when it did stop properly I didn't get another period until after ds was born (conceived on the pill after stomach bug, whoops!)

handsfree Fri 06-Jan-17 09:41:19

Yes it is a mini pill. I'm only on it because I'm still breastfeeding, otherwise I would have gone back on a combined pill as I was in them for years with no problems and liked to be able to skip a period now and again!
However, ds is 2 so I will be stopping by soon anyway!

I'm torn now. Don't want to feel like the last few weeks have been a complete waste but on the other hand I just want it to stop!!!!

Losgunna Sat 07-Jan-17 09:03:22

I weu back to my gp because I was in (almost) exactly the same position as you.

Was on combined pill for ages, suited me really well, got put on mini pill for health reasons and hated it. Gp said just give it a few more weeks and when it had settled down completely it was even better than the combined pill. I didn't have a period for years it was brilliant

Groovee Sat 07-Jan-17 09:05:25

I've had similar issues and the gynaecologist told me to keep at it for 6 months. Glad I have as the bleeding has stopped now x

Mumford23 Fri 04-Aug-17 15:57:07

How long after stopping feanolla did your period stop? and how long after that did it take to come again?

Gallstonevictim Mon 07-Aug-17 00:15:08

i would ask for a better version of the progesterone only pill.

i was put on feanolla after having my LO last year, and it was crap. i bled for weeks. i had been on the prog only pill previous to ttc for 8 years with barely any bleeding, i hardly have any pmt (otherwise would be really weepy and angry for a couple of days a month) and no pain. i went back to the doctors about this bleeding on feanolla as before i had been on one called cerazette. they said that feanolla is the cheap version and cerazette is a bit more expensive which is why they gave me feanolla. they gave me cerazette again thankfully and all has gone back to normal.

BertieBotts Mon 07-Aug-17 00:25:14

Yes you can. I kept getting fobbed off with the mini pill as well and told to wait until it settled down but as soon as I saw a female GP she was horrified and told me to come off it immediately.

If it helps I was told that for breastfeeding it's not really a big problem once they are past 6-12 months, you can go on the normal pill, the reason you are advised against it is because it can affect supply, which at 2 years old is firstly unlikely, as your supply just isn't that fragile, and secondly irrelevant - a two year old is not reliant on breastmilk for nutrition, so a temporary dip in supply when you begin taking a contraceptive pill is no big deal for them.

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