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S &D bug

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WorkingGirlJem Fri 06-Jan-17 05:33:27

I started with a s&d bug 5 days ago and its really laid me low.
For 2 days i couldnt even keep down water.
Been taking Dioralyte as directed for the past couple of days but am still on loo up to 8 times in 24 hours.
Haven't eaten since Sunday.
Is this normal for a s&d bug?

PJBanana Fri 06-Jan-17 13:54:54

Have you tried calling NHS 111 for some advice?

Obviously it might not be a good idea to visit your GP as you'll still be infectious, but 111 might be able to give you some advice or put you through to a nurse/doctor.

Your symptoms should be clearing up after this long, I would've thought. Can you try to eat something small?

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