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Severe backache/possible sciatica

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hrfvenia Thu 05-Jan-17 20:40:11


I have really bad backache, it is a punching in the small of my back that makes it impossible to sit until o find a certain position. It is all through the day and night and depending on how I sleep can be worse in the morning.

I haven't been to the doctors about it yet as have had a lot going on recently and found out I was pregnant not so long ago.

My issue is with my bed I think. The mattress is so uncomfortable and is mdmory foam so is starting to mound to my shape which is highly annoying.

Would a mid range (£30-£60) mattress topper make any difference or is it a waste of money?

Which toppers would people recommend? I'm considering a duck down one which I have found for £50 online.

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