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Red spots on baby's legs

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TuTu Sun 20-Jun-04 21:09:00

My 1 year old DS has developed small red pimple like spots on his legs. They arent on any other part of his body. He hasnt had a temperature but was very quiet & dull for a few hours this evening. By 8pm bedtime though he was back to great form. He has been teething over the last couple of days. Any ideas what the rash might be - isnt chickenpox large spots?

mummytojames Sun 20-Jun-04 21:12:04

my ds had exactly the same thing except he had it on his chest it was a alergic reaction so cheack if hes had anything different that could have set it off if not just see how he is in the morning but my first guess would be elergic reation

TuTu Sun 20-Jun-04 21:19:55

Thanks Mummytojames. He hasnt eaten anything different today, but I agree it does sound more like an allergy because its just on one part of his body. I'll keep a close eye on him and see. Thanks.

GeorginaA Sun 20-Jun-04 21:49:26

Has he been playing in grass today? The only reason I mention is that it happened to ds1 first summer after he was walking around - played in long grass at a park and ended up with little red pimples on his legs. I was never 100% sure what it was, but a friend (who is also a nurse) suggested that it might have been cat flea bites or something similar due to the warm weather living in the grass.

mummytojames Sun 20-Jun-04 21:52:41

funny enough georgina i was just thiking heat rash and the elergic reaction could be from soap water place all sorts can set it of even something he touched or brushed against

TuTu Sun 20-Jun-04 22:26:13

We were at a party at a friends house in the afternoon and it was when he was there that he was off-form. He wasnt outside, but he was all round her house. It may well have been something he touched/brushed against there, but just what I dont know!

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