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Constipation in 5mo dd - advised to start weaning but reluctant.

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Fleecy Wed 21-Feb-07 13:08:28

My DD was mixed fed up until a month ago and had problems with constipation on and off. Since swapping solely to formula (2nd milk) she has been better so I thought it must have been something I was eating.

However, she's now very constipated again. She poos every few days which is fine in itself - but when she goes, she strains so hard her eyes water and the poo itself comes out in a hard little lump. It's usually then followed by a normal poo so it's as if she needed to clear a blockage before the rest of the poo could put in an appearance. Despite the hardness of the first bit, she usually seems unconcerned when pooing - but yesterday she did get a little upset and when I went to change her nappy there was blood in her stool.

I spoke to the Dr this morning and said I don't want to medicate her if i can help it - I'm already watering her formula down slightly and she's having a good feed every 4 hours plus 4/5oz diluted prune juice at teatime so I know she's not dehydrated. The Dr has advised I start weaning her, avoiding baby rice and giving fruit and veg purees instead. I'm reluctant to do this as she's not yet six months and I was hoping to hold off as long as possible.

Any advice or ideas would be gratefully received!

star1976 Wed 21-Feb-07 14:58:53

Have you tried giving her juice at other times of the day too? Also, really gross, but I used to have to put vaseline on a cotton bud and just roll it around my daughters anus when she was really bad (was recommended by Dr at the time) and it kind of helped it 'slip out' and kept the skin from tearing.

Six months has only been the recommended age for starting weaning for a couple of years. Previously they used to tell you to start at 4 months (and before that it was 3 months).

hairymclary Wed 21-Feb-07 15:03:01

what formula is she on? 2nd stage formula can make constipation worse because it has extra iron in it.
we found sma gold awful for giving ds constipation, so swapped to cow and gate which was fine.

I would just give her plenty of water between feeds

Fleecy Thu 22-Feb-07 09:32:10

She is on 2nd milk - did you find it took a while for your lo to get used to a change in formula or was it okay?

I'm going to try juice at other times of the day - hadn't thought of it before and had only been giving it at teatime cos she's a hungry little thing and juice helps her last a bit longer between feeds.

Thanks for your help! Fingers crossed!

star1976 Thu 22-Feb-07 17:58:33

If your worried about giving too much juice, give baby juice but watered down (with cooled boiled water).

The water is just as effective at relieving constipation in babies (apparently) but the juice encourages them to drink it! Also, probably stating the obvious, but try to give juice in appropriate cup and not in a bottle.

hairymclary Fri 23-Feb-07 16:56:53

ds was fine with the change. just make sure if you do swap that you give it a week or so to settle down (so to speak)

quietmouse Fri 23-Feb-07 17:04:08

I wouldn't worry too much about the 6 month rule. It is quite a newly introduced idea.

As long as you stick to pure fruit and vegetable purees she will be fine.

It sounds like you are doing everything right. Does she have water between feeds too?

I agree that possibly the 2nd stage formula may be making things worse.

lisadutton Fri 23-Feb-07 17:10:50

My DD started to become constipated when she went from breast to bottle. Its taken 4 years to get it sorted.
At the moment your daughter seems fine with it, with is great, but my only advice would be dont let it get any worse because then she'll start holding back because it hurts.
Prunes work well, as well as grapes. If you do decide to wean, try not to include banana;s too often. They can help but can also make things worse. Lots of water and warm baths. Hope it works out for you and you dont end up with a 4 year battle lime us


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