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Pain with BV and blood in urine dip?

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U2HasTheEdge Tue 03-Jan-17 21:12:29

After having sex a few days ago I noticed a stronger than normal odour. Quickly followed by lower stomach pains and being extra bloated. I thought I might have a UTI and possibly BV. Tested wee at work and found blood in urine but no UTI markers.

I went to see my GP today and she tested it again, said she will send off my urine and put me on antibiotics for possible BV. I am to get my urine checked again next week.

I have IBS so get lots of bloating and stomach discomfort but this feels different. The pain is now in my legs, like the heavy legs you get with period pains and it's a dragging discomfort which isn't like my IBS symptoms.

Does anyone else get symptoms like this with BV? I always thought it was painless, just smelly. I do have health anxiety but usually get reassurance from the GP and believe them. This just sounds like more than just BV to me though as I've never had these symptoms with it before?

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