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Anyone used salicylic acid? Need some advice please.

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TheCunkOfPhilomena Tue 03-Jan-17 10:47:26

DM has Bowen's disease and has 3 areas affected on her scalp right now. One is quite large and the other two a lot smaller. Her consultant has prescribed salicylic acid to remove the hard areas of skin and then some chemo cream after two weeks to make sure they don't spread.

The acid has to be painted on each night and then peeled off the next. I've been doing this for her as it's impossible for her to see where to put it. The problem is that it's really painful now (day 4) and I had to stop peeling the skin off today as it hurt her too much. I covered it with warm water first to help it come away but it isn't helping. Also, as it's on her scalp, it's getting caught in her hair and making it quite messy and even more painful.

It's sort of like having to remove a large scab each day as it removes the growths bit by bit.

Does anyone have any tips on how to make this less painful for her? She's really going through a tough time right now and it feels awful to be hurting her on top of it (obviously I know it's for the best!).

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