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Thrush, not touched by canesten

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BarryTheKestrel Mon 02-Jan-17 08:57:20

I started having the usual itchy thrush symptoms on 22nd December, off I went to the chemist, got the oral pill and cream and carried on.

Still hadn't cleared a week later and due to appointments being like rocking horse shit between Christmas and new year, back to pharmacy I went. This time got the pessary and cream. This was on 28th.

Today however its the worst it's been, so unbelievably itchy and sore.

What else can I do now? It's a bank holiday, I'm home alone with DD without a car and the only open pharmacy in the city is over an hours walk away. Do I need to just wait it out or try and make a doctors appointment tomorrow? Any magical cures would be greatly received! I'm certain it's 'just' thrush as the symptoms are identical to every other time I've had thrush but it's not shifting this time!

trigger2 Mon 02-Jan-17 10:35:56

You can take another fluconazole tablet a week after the first if it hasn't worked. I'd try that and get back to the gp as soon as you can get an app.
I had ongoing thrush and the gp put me on a 6 monthly course of tablets which knocked it on the head.
I always wash undies on a hot wash with either surcare or ecover & be careful what you wash yourself with, that includes shampoo that can run down to that area.
If you're in dire straights and can't get to chemist then a cloth with solution of warm water and tea tree could bring some relief.
Hope you feel better soon x

GlitterGlue Mon 02-Jan-17 10:42:46

A salt bath can be soothing if you can't get anything today. Probably worth seeing the gp to check it is definitely thrush.

Are you sure there is only one open pharmacy?

BarryTheKestrel Mon 02-Jan-17 11:27:26

Definitely one open pharmacy other than those in the city centre which are also awful to get to with no transport, buses are infrequent on bank holidays and DD has a chest infection so don't want to take her out in the cold for ages. Have asked DH to try and get to the pharmacy in town on his lunch break and get another tablet.
Now DD is napping a salt bath is next on the agenda. Will call GP in the morning. Thank you.

gamerchick Mon 02-Jan-17 11:31:36

Are you sure it's not bv?

There is a testing kit out I think that tells you which one it is.

I personally would take another tablet and wait and see. I can never seem to get rid of thrush without a tablet or 2 these days.

Branleuse Mon 02-Jan-17 11:34:07

the tablets arent as good as the pessaries. Try one of the pessaries or the internal cream, and then repeat a week later

cudbywestrangers Mon 02-Jan-17 11:34:52

It won't be open today but a gu clinic is probably the best place to get the diagnosis confirmed and treatment sorted...

sippingginandlemon Mon 02-Jan-17 11:49:40

Get some thrush cream with hydrocortisone in it. It's the blue tube rather than the red tube.
If this works then you need to see a GP as it could be the starting of another condition.

Does eczema, asthma, hay fever/ allergy, or any other autoimmune issues run in your family?

Hoping it clears up soon. It may be a natural blip and calms down itself.

OhTheRoses Mon 02-Jan-17 11:56:34

If it's really itchy try an anti-histamine tablet until you can get to the Dr. I had an interesting thing recently - awful itching down below but more towards the front. Took a thrush tablet, not much impact, took anti-histamine for a few days (fab). Then the penny dropped - I'd bought ten pairs of new knickers and worn them straight off. Pretty sure it was eczema triggered by some chemical or other in the manufacturing process. Bit of hydrocortisone cream and being washed in non bio seems to have sorted it.

Get checked out though if you think it's at all std related, ie, you have a sex life.

sadie9 Mon 02-Jan-17 12:52:04

If the itching is mostly external could it be localised eczema, that's what I have. Was diagnosed as thrush for years. I do get thrush too but this is different. My eczema is triggered by conditioner in the shower, and alcohol and just randomly as well. I have betnovate ointment to put on it which stops it straightaway.

Banderchang Mon 02-Jan-17 12:55:31

Best thing would be to go to local GU clinic and get tested properly. I often have unusual types of thrush which don't respond to canesten and they prescribe different medication which does the trick.

BarryTheKestrel Mon 02-Jan-17 20:55:13

I did one of the thrush/BV tests after the tablet didn't work. It said thrush so I bought the pessary as had better luck with that previously.
It's calmed down a bit today, still itchy but I am not completely distracted by the itch any more.
As long as it's a bit warmer and not raining tomorrow going into town with DD. Will swing by the GU clinic on the way, it's a drop in only so may have a bit of a wait but definitely worth a check.
For once I don't have any antihistamines in but will give that a shot tomorrow too.

I think it all started when I had to wear tights 3 days in a row for work (my work trousers broke too bad to repair and I couldn't afford to buy new). And this is why I never wear skirts/dresses without cotton leggings!

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