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Does anyone else leak a little wee?

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vilamoura2003 Mon 02-Jan-17 00:23:31

Rather embarrassing, but I don't have any of the generic bladder problems with an urgent rush to go or desperate need to get to a loo for the toilet and havent wet myself with exercise, but daily if i go to the loo, when I pull my knickers down there is a slight marking on them about 5p sized where it looks like a bit of something came out? hmm

I have hypermobility and wonder whether this is another wondrous thing they saggy ligaments and tendons would cause?

Does anyone else get this?

VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Mon 02-Jan-17 00:28:22

I do. First noticed it about 2 years ago. I'm 35, no kids, have some signs of hypermobility but not many. I have a tendency to wait until I'm busting, but which time I have a large mark.

I do wonder if 10 years in the emergency services with no control over access to a loo and holding in pees for hours has led to this......

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