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We need to cut down on sugar - help!

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juneau Sun 01-Jan-17 23:00:44

We really need to eat more healthily and I'm kick-starting the new year with a sugar-free January, but as I think about my DC's diets I'm forced to admit that I've dropped the ball massively. I eat quite healthily most of the time, but they definitely don't. Breakfast often consists of brioche bread with jam/honey/nutella or some kind of sugary cereal. DS1's packed lunch always has a chocolate biscuit or a small cake in it, they have a sugary snack after school every day, and they insist on eating 'pudding' after lunch and dinner every day. They eat fruit and veg, but somehow we've got into a rut with sugary foods being consumed at every single meal (and in between).

The school they go to already insists on cheese/fruit only at break-time - so that's not a problem - but what non-sugary desserts/snacks can I give them? They don't like Marmite/Bovril (although I'm going to try them again and see if that's changed), and neither like peanut butter. They'll turn their noses up at toast with just butter on. DS2 likes porridge and plain yogurt with banana, but DS1 won't eat either.

Any suggestions very welcome.

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