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Upset stomach. What are the rules with YOUR childcare provider and what do you ACTUALLY do?

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SlightlyMadScientist Tue 20-Feb-07 21:12:09

The various nursery brochures quoted 24-48 hrs after the last Diahrroea or vomit episode. Our nursery is one of the 48hr ones. It is usually closer to 36hrs (never before) when she goes back. I just wonder if I am alone in flouting the rules or are there other MNetters out there that do the same?

<Fears I may need to take up a new identity after this...>

Cloudhopper Tue 20-Feb-07 21:34:59

Ours was 24 hours, which they have now increased to 48 hours.

To be honest, I am sure that every parent makes a judgement about whether the episode is over, and acts accordingly. That's always been my view, whatever the time period.

I wouldn't send them back until they are better, but I don't count the hours. Unless they were at nursery anyway, and we are quarantined!

nearlyfourbob Tue 20-Feb-07 21:39:36

Someone at ds's preschool sent her son in late one day because she'd been dropping his stool sample to the Dr to check for Giardia.

So a really good idea for him to be around other small children then!

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