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Why do I cough after eating takeaway food?

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mumznet Sat 31-Dec-16 23:02:18

It doesn't happen often wit home cooked food but I had peri peri chicken today from take away and some fries and noticed the cough again and clear phlegm that I have to spit out(sorry for detail)
Is it just because of greasy food or should I get checked
THanks x

LIZS Sat 31-Dec-16 23:10:28

I get that with kfc and fish and chips. It feels like when my asthma is about to play up. Dm has a hiatus hernia so wonder if it may be linked to similar.

Squeegle Sat 31-Dec-16 23:11:41

You must be allergic slightly to something in it.

TyrionLannistersShadow Sat 31-Dec-16 23:13:51

I tend to wheeze slightly after eating certain spicy Chinese or Indian food , I've always thought I must be very slightly allergic to some ingredient. I had asthma years ago but grew out of it and now that's the only time I would ever feel a touch of it.

WankersHacksandThieves Sat 31-Dec-16 23:15:18

I do that too and with various spicy food - DH says it's the salt, I think it's some combination of spice and/or MSG.

I wouldn't worry, I've been doing it for at least 30 years smile

JustSpeakSense Sat 31-Dec-16 23:16:06

Additives, such as sodium bisulfite, potassium bisulfite, sodium metabisulfite, potassium metabisulfite, and sodium sulfite, that are commonly used in food processing can trigger asthma

AldrinJustice Sat 31-Dec-16 23:16:19

Excess oil?

mumznet Sat 31-Dec-16 23:19:12

I didn't eat the skin
Anyone know what is peri peri chicken made of? Or what ingredients used?

mumznet Sat 31-Dec-16 23:20:02

Wow that's a lot of additives
Were those in my food ?

Reality16 Sat 31-Dec-16 23:23:54

Reacting to all the shit that's in it I would say.

DottyGiraffe Sun 01-Jan-17 00:25:36

Acid reflux will do that - spicy and/or fatty foods are classic triggers.

ArabellaRockerfella Sun 01-Jan-17 01:30:20

Bet it's the MSG!

antimatter Sun 01-Jan-17 01:48:26

This akways hapoens to my friend if there's NSG in the take away food

cookiefiend Sun 01-Jan-17 01:53:32

I'd say reflux too- can be triggered by certain foods.

minifingerz Sun 01-Jan-17 10:16:33

I also get this - after a McDonalds.

Yuck confused

MollyHuaCha Sun 01-Jan-17 14:32:06

Could be a mix of MSG, excess seasoning, poor quality meat and vegetables, too much oil and poor kitchen hygiene...?!

mumznet Sun 01-Jan-17 17:29:26

great some good ideas...

so should I just avoid these foods or possibly see doctor?

MollyHuaCha Sun 01-Jan-17 17:51:25

Avoid? Take away food is generally not v healthy. I'm sure there are exceptions of chia seed salads from independent vegan restaurants.... but as a generalization, I think you are better doing your own good prep. grin

lizzieoak Sun 01-Jan-17 17:53:31

I used to cough after eating too. Umpteen Drs basically told me I was a stressed little woman and once I'd learned to clam down I'd be fine. Turned out it was gallstones, which tried to kill me. So I think that's worth asking about.

mumznet Sun 01-Jan-17 23:14:58

oh scary that gall stones....I only notice mine after greasy sort of foods mostly take aways.....anyway I will observe now if it happens with normal foods too

lizzieoak Sun 01-Jan-17 23:19:31

Greaser food is harder on your digestion. Drs ignoring mine led to acute pancreatitis. For some reason it seems under-diagnosed (anecdotally speaking), so worth bearing in mind. If caught in plenty of time it's a day operation.

PinkSwimGoggles Sun 01-Jan-17 23:22:41

I have that with very salty foods.

MimsyBorogroves Sun 01-Jan-17 23:23:34

I was going to say maybe MSG too. I remember eating Chinese with friends once when my face suddenly felt really funny - numb up to my cheekbones. I was really freaked out, and eventually said what was happening. One of my friends shrieked about how glad she was I'd said that, as she had it too. We looked it up later, and apparently it's a reaction from a lot of msg.

mumznet Mon 02-Jan-17 14:30:58


mumznet Mon 02-Jan-17 14:31:21

what is this msg? heard of it but not too sure is it some kind of salt mix?

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