Pain in lower right side of abdomen - 4 days now, any ideas?

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PhillipaFast Sat 31-Dec-16 07:40:34

I have a pain in lower right side of my abdomen - from navel level downwards. It aches almost constantly although it's not painful enough to stop me doing anything. I haven't had any symptoms of appendicitis in terms of vomiting/fever but my abdomen is painful if you press it.
Yesterday the pain moved down into my groin but only for a bit, now it's back to the dull ache in that bottom quarter of the abdomen.

I took omeprazole yesterday but that didn't seem to help.

Any thoughts? I don't need to see out of hours doc do I? Dh says yes but I don't think it's painful enough to bother with docs.

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LobsterQuadrille Sat 31-Dec-16 07:51:04

I had my appendix out years ago but I do recall that I had at least one episode that sounds very much like yours, several weeks prior to the fever/vomiting and subsequent appendix removal. I was moving house at the time so the pain wasn't bad enough to see a doctor and I put it down to stress. It went after a few days. I specifically recall the "moving" of the pain.

Having said that there are similarities, any attempt to diagnose a stomach pain can be wildly inaccurate because of how many things it could be. I'd monitor it and, if it carries on or gets worse, seek professional help. I'd probably be like you though and hang on if I wasn't in real pain. Hope you are ok.

OccasionalNachos Sat 31-Dec-16 07:53:38

I would be concerned that it's the appendix. Especially if the discomfort increases when you press it. Get to a doctor

PhillipaFast Sat 31-Dec-16 08:05:30

Thanks. I will put up with it for the moment I think and I will definitely give the docs a ring if it gets any worse. I quite often get indigestion and stomach type things (hence having omeprazole to hand) but this is too low for that and also only on one side.
Lobster - I did wonder if it might be a grumbling appendix. If the pain suddenly becomes severe/vomiting etc I won't hesitate to go in, my friend had perotinitis and it was awful.

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LobsterQuadrille Sat 31-Dec-16 20:44:12

How are you feeling this evening, Philippa? Hope you're ok and no worse. And happy New Year!

PhillipaFast Sun 01-Jan-17 00:38:11

Thanks for asking Lobster. Still having the pain on (several hours at a time) and off but no worse so just carrying on with things. If it is still bothering me next week I will go and have it checked by the GP but think I'm safe to assume it's nothing too bad or I would be getting worse!

Happy New Year to you too! smile

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sniffle12 Mon 02-Jan-17 03:02:01

I had this on holiday for over a week, got it checked out when I got back. It wasn't appendicitis (as you say if I got a fever or it hurt unbearably I'd have gone to A&E but it was just a dull ache) - was referred for an ultrasound and blood test but both showed nothing. It hasn't recurred since. I wondered if I'd maybe pulled a muscle but I distinctly remembered lying on a sun lounger immensely relaxed when it came on! So to this day I've no idea.


PhillipaFast Mon 02-Jan-17 04:35:42

Another medical mystery sniffle! It's still bothering me but no worse. It does really hurt if I poke one particular spot (I know, I know, so don't poke it grin) in my lower abdomen - where my appendix should be but I'm assuming it's a happy coincidence. No temperature or anything so I will keep on monitoring it!

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Onedaylikethi5ayear Mon 02-Jan-17 04:50:10

My appendix grumbled for years before it finally got serious. It's properly rubbish and the surgeon I had said it happens a lot. Definitely get checked out.

PhillipaFast Mon 02-Jan-17 05:01:38

Thanks oneday. Is there anything they will do for a grumbling appendix or do you just have to wait until it gets to crisis point?

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LobsterQuadrille Mon 02-Jan-17 11:23:58

Hi Phillipa, glad to hear that it's no worse but sorry that it's still plaguing you. I was reminded after I last posted that my sister had something similar years ago and they did remove her appendix. It was about 35 years ago and I expect technology has advanced since then. I'd make an appointment for tomorrow with your GP - it's gone on too long to be indigestion or constipation (apparently common in people thinking they have appendicitis). Keep us updated!

TheEdgeIsNigh Mon 02-Jan-17 13:16:55

Following this... I've had all of the above since xmas eve. All except the pain when I poke... doesn't hurt any more or any less when prodded. Very odd

mrkameha Sat 07-Dec-19 03:06:14

@TheEdgeIsNigh @PhillipaFast
Could you please update your status, i am presenting the same sympthoms i am having the same dull pain for around 5 days, it does move around from the back to the front and at least 2 times felt some "vibration" dont know if it was the nerve acting or the intestine.
Did you guys end up with appendicitis?

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