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Vaginismus - Anyone out there??

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Emmastone123 Thu 29-Dec-16 17:57:22

Cut a long story short. For the last three years, sex has been painful, to the point of crying, wincing in pain and gripping onto the bed sheets. After a while I had to pretend it was all fine as I felt so sorry for my husband. Been checked out by doctor - no problems so to speak, they actually told me to 'have a glass of wine and relax' and sent me on my way with a pack of lubricant!

Anyway, I eventually went to see a women's health physio specialist - I was getting so frustrated and depressed. She examined me and said I have an over active pelvic floor (my pelvic floor muscles and extremely tight). Sorry if tmi, but she could only just insert one finger. It was a relief as she said it's no wonder I have been experiencing pain and explained that often GP's don't diagnose these problems. Been for a couple of sessions now, she's shown me what exercises to do to relax and stretch the muscle and plus I'm using these beauties-

Anyway - feeling pretty rotten. Am newly married and I am desperate for a baby but can't even bloody have sex, let alone conceive!

Anyone else out there have/had this problem? I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading ! X smile

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