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Fixing gastritis. Can I do this with lifestyle changes?

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Aderyn2016 Thu 29-Dec-16 17:44:20

Hi all,
Have had low level burning sensation in lower part of my torso for a while now and sometimes in the evening the top of my stomach bloats like I am pregnant. It does go down but I feel generally achy in the stomach region all the time.
The doctor gave me omeprazole and said it sounds like inflammation but the medicine doesn't appear to be doing much. My question, is whether I can do anything to fix what my dr thinks is gastritis by diet/lifestyle change or whether I need to keep taking the omeprazole. Am reluctant to take medicine long term if I can fix this myself
I eat reasonably well, not very much fried food, although too much sugar. Alcohol consumption is not too high either, although I like a g&t or glass of wine and obviously have had more than usual over Christmas. I don't smoke at all.
I used to go to the gym a fair bit and do callenetics but got lazy over the last couple of months. Have I caused this or is it something that can just happen? Am 43 if age is relevant.
Would appreciate any advice as I am fed up of feeling niggly all the time.

trinity0097 Thu 29-Dec-16 18:56:39

I'd try reducing the carbs and seeing what difference that makes?

EasternDailyStress Thu 29-Dec-16 19:02:20

Hi Aderyn, I've suffered with gastritis on and off for a few years. What I find is, if I take the omeprazole for about 4-6 weeks and eat and drink sensibly then it tends to settle down and I can be fine for months/years even.

I think you need to be guided by what you fancy eating; when I have a flare up I only really fancy digestive biscuits, bananas, brown bread, mashed potato etc - really plain stuff. For you it may be different obviously.

Caffeine is a really big trigger for me, so I cut out coffee (sob) and drink less tea, and decaffeinated drinks like Rooiboos tea, chamomile tea etc. Cabbage is very good, particuarly fermented cabbage.

I've recently read that almonds are very good for reducing acid in your stomach.

It's worth having a good Google as there's lots of good advice out there.

It's horrible - you have my sympathies!

EasternDailyStress Thu 29-Dec-16 19:04:06

and HAVE decaffeinated drinks

NanTheWiser Thu 29-Dec-16 21:21:16

I agree that going low-carb (LCHF diet) could really help you. I used to get really bad bloating and stomach pain after eating, and acid reflux, which was greatly relieved by cutting out carbs. It's the sugar in carbs that is the culprit, causing glucose intolerance. It does mean no potatoes, bread, rice, pasta or pastry, which sounds hard, but is doable, and in fact, becomes preferable in time. You should notice a difference in just a few days, and is much preferable than taking omeprazole ( or any other PPI ). Why not give it a try?

IHeartKingThistle Thu 29-Dec-16 21:27:09

I have gastritis flare ups though generally I eat what I want. Except coffee, which really sets me off!

My big tip is to not ever let your stomach get completely empty. If I do that the pain starts quite quickly. Little and often!

Aderyn2016 Thu 29-Dec-16 23:16:39

Thank you so much for the replies.
Today is my birthday, so have been out for dinner with dh. I was really careful to not eat too much but this meal out marks the end of the Christmas period for me and as of tomorrow I am going back to a more healthy way of eating. I will do as your all suggest and cut down on the carbs and coffee. I have been drinking camomile tea recently, as someone told me it was good for upset stomachs. I could really do with reducing sugar as I am becomming concerned about my weight and general fitness levels. Thank you all, once again

IHeartKingThistle Fri 30-Dec-16 00:06:51

Happy birthday!

Aderyn2016 Fri 30-Dec-16 00:08:12

Thank you x

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