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Homeopathy... Anyone had any experience... saw one today and she said something rather strange....

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poppiesinaline Tue 20-Feb-07 12:07:03

she noticed that my children had long curly eyelashes and asked if someone in the family in past generations has ever had TB?

Apparently, if someone in the family has had TB, someone in the 2/3 generation later will have long curly eyelashes

Just rather odd I thought..... What on earth has curly eyelashes got to do with a lung disease!?

MegaLegs Tue 20-Feb-07 12:10:03

My sister saw a homeopath about hair loss.

She had to tell her the last dream she could remember. My sis had dreamt that she was pg with a prawn that she had to keep in the fridge - not sure how it related to her hair loss but she is better.

MrsBadger Tue 20-Feb-07 12:11:34

my 'barking' alarm has gone off...

Mostly because I'd lurve to know how the genetics side of that could possibly ever work.

Pruni Tue 20-Feb-07 12:12:43

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Tue 20-Feb-07 12:13:29



Tamum .. oh Tamum ...

oh that's rofl-tastic

thehairybabysmum Tue 20-Feb-07 12:15:24

Did she ask if anyone in previous generations had long curly eyelashes though???

ArcticRoll Tue 20-Feb-07 12:15:41

Sorry but what a load of tosh!
I know lots of people people swear that homoepathy works but tests have shown that it doesn't make any difference.

poppiesinaline Tue 20-Feb-07 12:15:48

well, yes MrsBadger... precisely... .how does that work genetically!!?

ROFL MegaLegs.... ah, but your sister is better.... mmmm

oh well, time will tell.... time will tell....

poppiesinaline Tue 20-Feb-07 12:17:31

Took DS2 about molluscum. She gave me about 8 small tiny white pills for him and said that should do it!

Said it should work within a month.

So... really.... time will tell........

I'll let you all know if it works or not.... I hope I will come back and say there is definitely something in it about TB and curly long eyelashes!! snigger...

ComeOVeneer Tue 20-Feb-07 12:17:51

ArticRoll, tests have shown some homeopathic remedies don't work, but lots do. Homeopathy is using natural products to cure illnesses. This is where modern day medicines are derived from.

Twiglett Tue 20-Feb-07 12:20:08

was it thuja? I heard thuja is good for molluscum

Pruni Tue 20-Feb-07 12:21:36

Message withdrawn

MrsBadger Tue 20-Feb-07 12:21:43

I though using natural products to cure illnesses was herbalism? That does work and it's a brave scientist who'll diss it - many drugs are indeed based on natural products.

Homeopathy , in my mind, is using so little active ingredient that it can't be detected, on the grounds that the more dilute it is the more effective it'll be, to the extent that the 'dose' may be nothing but sugar and water.
That I reserve judgement about.

Pruni Tue 20-Feb-07 12:22:30

Message withdrawn

ComeOVeneer Tue 20-Feb-07 12:24:52

Sorry you are right it is herbalism. Mind you I have to say from personal and professional experience I do beleive in the powers of arnica, despite the research suggesting otherwise.

poppiesinaline Tue 20-Feb-07 12:25:13

I went to see her cos my sister took her DS with his molluscum and within a month it had gone completely

poppiesinaline Tue 20-Feb-07 12:25:56

I used to work for a Plastic Surgeon and he used to recommend to all his patients to take Arnica before any surgery. He swore by it.

ArcticRoll Tue 20-Feb-07 12:26:21

I agree Pruni.

Pruni Tue 20-Feb-07 12:27:24

Message withdrawn

bundle Tue 20-Feb-07 12:28:45


I really cannot post anything sensible about this.

make a phrase from the following:


How much did you part with, in terms of hard cash?

ComeOVeneer Tue 20-Feb-07 12:31:55

I always recommend taking arnica tablets for surgical proceedures. I took it after ds birth, he was a 10lber ventouse delivery bad tear (head was of the cetile charts in terms of diameter). The nurse who did home visits was astounded how quickly I healed and I didn't need any of the painreleif medication I was sent home with.

princessmel Tue 20-Feb-07 12:33:38

I take my son to a homeopath at our surgery. Its free. I think its helped. dd is on the waiting list now.

I really hope they can help her. She has a lot of ear infections and tons of AB's. I'll try anything to help her.

Ds gets asked about his dreams, how he sleeps, position etc. Does he sweat and if so where? All sorts.

bundle Tue 20-Feb-07 12:34:35

I've seen a homeopath, so am not against them. But I insisted the person I saw was also a qualified doctor.

fizzbuzz Tue 20-Feb-07 12:37:17

Homeopathy is the only thing that will cure my thrush, nothing else ever touches it, including millions of anti-fungal drugs

Sugarmagnolia Tue 20-Feb-07 12:42:12

Homeopathy can and does work. This doesn't mean that some homeopaths are nutcases. If you want a qualified homeopath go to the Faculty of Homeopathy for a medically qualied homeopath or the Society of Homeopaths for someone who is trained in homeopathy but not a medical practitioner.

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