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Vaginal lumps

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suzzanne Wed 28-Dec-16 00:22:33

So i have 2 children, both vaginal deliveries, first pretty straight forward, few deep grazes along inner labia but no stitches required. Second was an awful traumatic birth long pushing phase but delivered naturally and needed no stitches.
Recently (youngest is 2) ive noticed lumps around vaginal opening. Not warts, large fleshy hardish ragged lumps that seem to come from inside. When i feel inside they go maybe an inch and half inside. Most are front vaginal wall. But 1/2 smaller ones are on back wall too.

What could they be!? I have no idea how long theyve been there maybe since birth and ive just not noticed! They dont hurt unless im very dry then they can feel sore but guess id feel sore anyway.

Sex has always been uncomfortable since second child was born, in that we struggle to get his man bit into me! Like theres no stretch at opening.but Once its in everything seems to losen and we're fine.

Been googling everything and it just doesnt seem to be discussed.
Anyone had similar or have any opinions!?

OopsDearyMe Wed 28-Dec-16 00:24:53

Could be a minor prolapse or bartholins cyst. Best to go to GP to get checked tho

smellsofelderberries Wed 28-Dec-16 10:52:57

The first bit you describe sounds like a small prolapse to me. I also have one (newly diagnosed) but not have sex since the birth of DD a few weeks ago so can't comment on that front. Can you push them and they're squidgy and go away when pushed but come back as soon as you move your finger?

suzzanne Wed 28-Dec-16 15:54:33

Im not sure the smallish ones aling the back wall seem to flatten when pressed thinking that may be a minor rectal prolapse?? The rest dont though. They are very much seperate lumps of flesh. Like i can hold some of them between two fingers.. I wish id payed more attention to down there now. Have no idea if these were there before birth, or if theyre new! No idea if they are just normal, or some kind of growth. They cant be warts or anything, dont really look like that, and are more fleshy :-/

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