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PCOS/endo/whatever help plz

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titzup Tue 27-Dec-16 15:19:39

my periods have always been like clockwork, but a good few months/years ago I noticed some other symptoms of PCOS/endometriosis and went to get checked out at doctor's. They took blood tests and declared me clear of PCOS. At the time, my periods were regular as clockwork but recently they've gone wappy, with short and long cycles, giving me some pregnancy scares! My weight is also fluctuating; I am an active, healthy eater but a little overweight in general and can gain or lose half a stone in less than a week without changing much. I'm growing a beard and moustache too :'(

My periods have always been heavy and painful, but the previous three generations of women in my family had PCOS, endo, pelvic inflammatory and ended up having hysterectomys - doctor seems unbothered by this?

Does anyone have a similar story? Should I go and ask for more at the doctor's? Assuming I am diagnosed, is there anything they can actually DO these days? I don't particularly want to get pregnant again, but at 30 it'd be kinda nice not to think I'm all done and dusted just yet I guess? I would really like to not be fat, tired and hairy for the rest of my days though...

Maudlinmaud Tue 27-Dec-16 15:28:06

I have pcos, I'm a little underweight but have been a few stone heavier in the past. I was diagnosed via a blood test as my periods hadn't returned after breast feeding.
The doctor put me on the pill at the beginning and that helped to regulate my periods. I can't take it now and my cycle is roughly 35-40 days.
The gp just leaves you to it really, they might suggest losing weight and believe me that is very hard when you have the condition. I have the typical symptoms of hairyness which is annoying.
Go back to your gp and ask for another blood test to put your mind at ease.

titzup Tue 27-Dec-16 15:53:23

thanks - I suppose self treatment is the only option really. I'm a bit grumpy though because I already follow a good low GI sort of diet, I'm reading the guidelines now and have already done most of what it says sad

Maudlinmaud Tue 27-Dec-16 16:45:48

I know, I was the same, it was so hard and I felt really depressed and just ate more. I think there is a thread here about pcos which people post regularly on, you might find it useful. I also think you should go back to the gp so you know for sure what is going on.
I wanted my gp to give me metoformin but he said I didn't need it.

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