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Found a lump

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missmapp Mon 26-Dec-16 23:23:25

So, acouple of weeks ago I found a lump in my breast. The GP he referred me to the breast clinic at the hospital and I have an appointment in the new year. My dad has just finished chemotherapy for bowel cancer and s waiting for results of his latest scan so there is no way I can tell my parents as they have enough to deal with. I have told dh but he is ignoring the issue .
I know it may well be a cyst or something harmless
What if it's not.
Not sure why I'm posting, just feel a bit scared tonight. Stupid I know but wish I knew more than I do.
Thanks for reading.

redexpat Mon 26-Dec-16 23:36:59

Cross that bridge IF and when you come to it.

Would it help to set a time limit on the being scared? So you can think all the horrible thoughts tonight and then tomorrow start being rational again. Would that work for you?

MoreBushThanMoss Mon 26-Dec-16 23:43:42

Hand hold

Am in exact same position with sinister looking mole that's changing rapidly. Waiting for appt in new year

Have a new baby and scared am going to die and leave him

Was getting in a right tizzy then decided I was NOT going to "do this" . Everytime I think about the mole, or cancer, I get up and do something else LOVELY. Eat a chocolate. Cuddle the baby. Knit a row. Do a little yoga stretch or a silly dance-y wiggle. Feels a bit fake, like
Pretending to be okay, but it's working enough to keep me in one piece!!!!

Crossing fingers for youflowers

MoreBushThanMoss Mon 26-Dec-16 23:45:09

My DP also in denial by the way. Instead he's fixating on helping me head off the psoriasis flare the stress is causing, (that I could NOT give a shit about) with oatmeal creams etc hmm

Ames33 Mon 26-Dec-16 23:45:21

I'm in the same position, have my appointment on weds. We will be ok. Xx

missmapp Tue 27-Dec-16 07:45:37

Thanks all. Sorry to those in the same position. It WILL be okay and as you said , morebush , it is better to focus on positive things. Just back from a run which always makes me feel better. We have had a lovely Christmas and last night I just started getting silly. We are off to the in-laws this morning for a couple of days so I will have enough to keep me busy.b

Positive thoughts to all who need them. Will be thinking of you on wed ames, sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.

Ames33 Tue 27-Dec-16 11:14:59

Thank you. Xx

missmapp Thu 29-Dec-16 17:20:54

Been at the in-laws where wi-fi is a mere dream ! Now back to try and reclaim the house. Left at the same time as my family , who had stayed since the 23rd so things are slightly messy still .

Hope all went well ames.

More than , hope you are okay too

Ames33 Thu 29-Dec-16 18:27:47

All fine thanks! Apparently my milk ducts are very close to the surface and lumpy!! Just need to keep a regular check for any changes.
Hope all goes well for you. Xx

missmapp Thu 29-Dec-16 18:43:50

Good news. Who knew about lumpy milk ducts !!

missmapp Thu 05-Jan-17 23:16:13

So, had my appointment. Had a mammogram, ultra sound and biopsy. They are fairly sure it is a fibroid odema but have another appt next week for the results.
Hate waiting !
Morebush , have you had your appt yet ? Hope all goes okay

Ames33 Fri 06-Jan-17 04:46:33

At least the first bit is over!
Good luck with it all, if you need an ear to bend I'm here. Xx

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