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blown up vein

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Itwasthenandstillis Mon 26-Dec-16 12:46:42

I've just got terrible pain in my arm and vein in my wrist has blown up blue. Could it be a blood clot? DH wants to take me to hospital?

Palomb Mon 26-Dec-16 12:57:59

I think I'd probably go to a&e with that definitely. Hopefully it's nothing to worry about but it should be checked for sure.

Itwasthenandstillis Mon 26-Dec-16 19:18:58

Thanks Palomb. I have been to the hospital. Dr. thinks I have a blood clot. He has taken blood for tests. I have to go back this evening to get results.

MegGriffin Tue 27-Dec-16 14:32:55

Good luck, glad you got it looked at.

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