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Fused Labia in 2.5 year old - any experience

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chocolatekimmy Mon 19-Feb-07 21:16:21

I was horrified to notice tonight that I couldn't see my daughters vaginal entrance (hole). I tried stretching the skin gently and its like its gone, though there appears to be a line (like a scar) where it should be.

Of course I panicked initially thinking was there ever one in the first place - well of course there must have been but its not the sort of thing you think about that much (or look for).

I contacted NHS direct who were initially pretty crap and made me feel paranoid, saying she'd never heard of it (but I should see a GP but don't know if it could be serious or not!) but then she phoned me back having spoken to a colleague who said it could be fused labia.

Reading up on it I think that is what it is. She has been dribbling wee sometimes the last few weeks just after going to toilet.

Has anyone else had this in their daughter and if so, what was the treatment and did it have any other symptons or effects?

JSo Tue 20-Feb-07 12:21:32

Hi daughter had this also at about the very same age and I was beside myself with worry. It was actually the doctor that had noticed it when we took her in because she always seemed to be going to the toilet and it was taking ages to empty her bladder and there was a real strong smell. He said the labia had fused and the wee was dribbling out of a tiny little hole and thus was why it took her so long to go to the toilet. The labia fuse possibly when there has been a bit of an infection and heals over too much. She was under the peadiatricins for a few months and given oestrogen cream (I was not happy at all using this..but it was either that or surgery!!!)We had to put a miniscule amount of cream on the labia with a cotton bud and after a week or so it opened back up again and we stopped using the cream. HTH..she is fine now and is now 10 years old and never had the problem again. Hope you dd is fine soon.

Blu Tue 20-Feb-07 12:23:34

CK - go to your GP.

chocolatekimmy Tue 20-Feb-07 17:26:13

Thank you Jso. Its always nice to hear an experience (particularly a postitive one) from someone else.

She was given some Canestan HC cream this morning, GP was quite unconcerned and said it should be back to normal by the weekend. She is slightly swollen down there apparently and its probably caused by some irritation so we musn't use any products on her (or in the bath).

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