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Should I be on the sick with this? Gallbladder related

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helpimitchy Sat 24-Dec-16 13:40:20

I'm not very good at judging illness situations in myself and tend to just keep going and going.

I had a very bad gallbladder attack around six months ago for which I ended up in A&E. Subsequent blood tests showed pancreas inflammation. I assumed I'd passed a stone as the gallbladder settled down. An ultrasound didn't reveal anything.

The pain is now back, although not acute. I'm watching very carefully what I'm eating, but am still in pain. I'm a nurse and work part time. I'm have no difficulty bending and doing my housework as it squashes my internals and the pain gets worse. I'm also having shoulder pain.

I have to work tonight, but don't know whether I should then go sick until I've seen the GP which will be next Wednesday. There's obviously something wrong and I don't want to mess around with my pancreas in particular.

In my profession, people are only permitted to go sick if they're prostrate or dead, so I really can't make a decision. I also have a high pain threshold and will tend to just cope with things rather than do anything about it.


helpimitchy Sat 24-Dec-16 13:41:18

I am having difficulty bending that should read, sorry.

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