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Where's me flaps?

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LambChopsMcGee Thu 22-Dec-16 14:32:04

Hi all,

So, I joined up after a few long months of lurking and really appreciating the advice/community on here, but this time I couldn't find anyone with the same problem as me (which is a concern in itself!).

So. I have a 13 week old baby, (DD1...I'll try and master the lingo...). She's a big headed thing and it was a difficult delivery, 15 hours in the hospital (I say 36 hours in labour) and ended in theatre w forceps, episiotomy and a tear. I was given a pack (like...all this gauze wadded up in me...). I did get talked through what had happened but I was so high from the drugs and also shock that I don't really remember. The baby was healthy and that was all that mattered.

I know I had a good few stitches, and I have experienced incontinence and pelvic floor weakness. My first 6 week check was a real depressing experience as my GP ignored my concerns, talked over me and wouldn't take a look down there. It was the first time I had cried (other than from joy) since the baby was born. I have since changed GPs and the new one is lovely and had a look and has referred me to gynae at the hospital as I might have a prolapse, which is upsetting. I am working on my kegels with the Squeezy app.

But I had a look myself with a mirror, and the main thing that alarmed me (cue second cry...) was not just that everything looks...bigger (except the taint, which is smaller, urgh..) is that basically my inner labia seem to be gone. I can't find anyone else online saying that that happened to them.

They do just seem to be gone. No lips closing over my vagina anymore. So when I went for a swim a while back it felt...well it felt like walking around with my teeth bared, or walking in the wind holding my eyes open. Not pleasant, and a bit concerning.

Sorry for the huge essay, but does anyone have experience of a similar thing, or thoughts? Thanks in advance and sorry if I've not followed the right mn protocols.

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