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I found out yesterday that DH is suffering but didn't tell me because no health proffessional has seemed concerned

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Deadnettle Thu 22-Dec-16 09:50:54

I only found out because he had a dentist appointment and the dentist (a new one that is already leaving) noticed the problems DH had been pointing out for years and says they need fixing. Afterwards I learnt that because no dentist has been concerned he thought it was ok to have constant toothache (for years!) and there was no point in telling me because nothing could be done. I am so angry and sad for him.

This led to a conversation about the GP dismissing a problem he has so I thought I would ask Mumsnet if it is a problem or if the GPs (2 different ones) are right.

Dh has very cold hands and feet, and once they are cold they stay cold. From autumn to late spring the only time they are warm is when he wakes in the morning. By cold, I mean they feel like ice to the touch. It affects his hands to just past his wrist and his feet up to half way up his calves.

I don't know if DH managed to get across just how bad it is but last GP said its likely to be raynauds. I have raynauds and its nothing like that although I realise it could be affecting him differently. I have no idea how much his hands and feet are affecting his life or whether they cause him pain because again no one was concerned so he thought he should just live with it.sad

Do you think he needs to go the GP again or not with this? I'm also wondering what else is bothering him that he hasn't told me about because he doesn't think anything can be done sad

smellsofelderberries Sat 24-Dec-16 03:11:59

My first thought was raynauds too, sorry. Might be worth seeing an endocrinologist though? I think thyroid problems can also have this.

Deadnettle Sat 24-Dec-16 13:26:55

Thanks Smellsofelderberries, I'll look into thyroid problems.

I was only questioning the raynauds diagnosis because DH's is so different from my raynauds and I wondered if he should get a second opinion. It does not seem healthy to be ice cold from your toes to half way to your knee.

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