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Gallbladder pain

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helpimitchy Wed 21-Dec-16 19:26:44

Over the summer I had a bad gallbladder attack. Looking back, I'd had warning signs, but just ignored them as I'm always so busy. I ended up going to A&E who took bloods and the GP told me the results - I had some pancreatic inflammation. The pain that evening was severe. Subsequent bloods showed that the pancreas was settling down.

I had an ultrasound which showed nothing in the gallbladder so I assumed I'd had a stone, but had passed it when I was ill and it had irritated the pancreas on the way past.

The pain is now returning, although it's just an ache. I had a greggs pasty yesterday and felt very sick afterwards and then the pain became worse. I took buscopan and codeine and drank lemon juice and it improved.

I have become very itchy around half an hour after having a glass of wine.

Could another stone be forming already? Why am I itchy after alcohol, is it my liver? I don't drink much at all, either now or in the past. I did have obstetric cholestasis with both pregnancies in the past and also became very itchy whilst taking the mini pill years ago - doctor told me it was due to my liver, but didn't elaborate.

I'm now back on lemon juice and hot water and rabbit food.

Any suggestions with what might be happening with liver and gallbladder? I don't have any other health problems.

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