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I need help

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sobeyondthehills Wed 21-Dec-16 01:49:25

DP has suffered from psoriasis since we met, but in the last 6-7 months it has gotten so much worse, to the point where he can no longer work (he works in retail) he streches it cracks his skin, the soles of his feet are covered, it makes it uncomfortable to put socks on, let alone walk. He did the UV treatment, which has done nothing, he is now on steroids, that have just been doubled today. This is along with other drugs (folic acid)

My problem is, is he is an amazing man, that has dealt with my mental health problems, but I have no experience, in dealing with anyone else. I know I sound selfish and in a way I am. I make no excuse for that.

He is getting depressed and anxious on the way he is looking (very red skin)

I know how to get myself out of this, but I am a very different personality to DP, and everything I seem to say, just comes out as to his ears"just get on with it" when that, is at the moment, the least thing from my mind.

I think my main thing is to get him out and about, but having extreme anxiety myself, this is difficult. We are working together as a team, but we need to take that next step.

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